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Chilled Water Pipe Insulation Systems


Dyplast® offers complete ISO-C1® polyisocyanurate (polyiso) pipe insulation systems for equipment operating below ambient temperatures, such as chilled water pipe and refrigeration pipe. Such low-temperature mechanical insulation applications present special challenges due to the strong vapor drive (the tendency of water vapor to move toward the cold pipe). Polyiso insulation systems have been demonstrated as far superior to alternatives such as fiberglass, extruded polystyrene, or cellular glass.

The thermal efficiency of polyiso is approximately twice that of those alternatives. Polyisocyanurate’s water absorption and water vapor transmission properties are far better than fiberglass or XPS, and approach those of cell glass.

Dyplast’s ISO-C1 is generally the most cost-effective insulation for chilled water and refrigeration systems - - both from an installed cost and long-term system efficiency.

More About ISO-C1

ISO-C1 is our Class 1 rigid foam polyisocyanurate insulation produced under strict quality control with proprietary formulations. Our ISO-C1 production line using hydrocarbon blowing agents produces polyiso bunstock with superior physical characteristics, high R-factor, and zero ozone depletion potential (zero-ODP), making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Suitable for service temperatures between -300°F and +300°F, ISO-C1 is ideally suited for chilled water pipe insulation, tank insulation, and other chilled water system insulation applications - - including HVAC insulation.

ISO-C1 is highly moisture resistant, strong, durable, and lightweight. It handles, works, and installs easily. ISO-C1's low friability means it creates minimal dust. Our recommended chilled water pipe insulation system, with ISO-C1 as the base, includes the optimum vapor retarders, mastics, sealants, adhesives, and tapes to meet your specific chilled water application needs.