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ISO-C1 Cryogenic Pipe Insulation

Cryogenic liquids often pose particularly complex handling, storage, and transporting problems. Dyplast Products' ISO-C1®, our rigid foam polyisocyanurate insulation, is the optimum solution for cryogenic insulation applications with temperatures down to -300°F. For temperatures below -300°F, consult with our technical staff.

polyiso-pipe-shapesOur ISO-C1 production line uses hydrocarbon blowing agents, producing polyiso bunstock with superior physical characteristics, high R-factor, and zero ozone depletion potential (zero-ODP), making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. With the highest R-value to thickness ratio of any commercially available insulation, no other insulation compares. ISO-C1 is highly moisture resistant, strong, durable, and lightweight. It handles, works, and installs easily. ISO-C1's low friability means it creates minimal dust.

ISO-C1 is available in varied densities (2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 6 lb/ft3) and variable sizing which can result in reduced waste when cutting to particular dimensions - - thus resulting in cost savings.

ISO-C1 is compliance with ASTM C591-17!