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EPS Datasheet

EPS Insulation


Dyplast manufactures high-quality expanded polystyrene rigid foam insulation. Dyplast EPS is a closed cell, light-weight, resilient rigid foam providing a host of unique properties. When insulation or protection is the goal, rely on EPS insulation to lead the way. No other product within this cost structure provides the thermal efficiency, temperature range, damage and moisture control, flammability rating, or moisture vapor permeability characteristics. Our product's excellent workability characteristics make it easy to handle, shape, and install. In addition, our GeoFoam soil substitute exceeds all requisite standards. A wide range of core thickness and densities is available for residential, commercial, industrial, or cold storage applications. The high-quality rigid foam is free of voids and cavities. Available in panels, blocks, tapered board, custom shapes, and loose fill, EPS excels in an array of applications. With its high R-values, the resulting lower energy costs can significantly lower energy costs. Wood, metal, and/or FRP skins can be readily added, improving maintenance, strength, and integrity characteristics. With available compressive strengths from 10 to 35 lb/in², the vast majority of construction applications can be accommodated.


Where energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are primary design considerations, architects, constructors, and homeowners have made EPS the dominant thermal insulation. EPS is not susceptible to thermal aging, so its R-value of up to 4.35/in does not deteriorate over time. Applications include:

  • Building construction (roof, wall, and foundation)
  • Cavity wall and drywall base insulation
  • Exterior and interior foundation wall insulation
  • Roof applications (tapered panel and Holey-Board)
  • Refrigeration Building and transportation applications
  • Refrigerated rail and truck
  • Facility construction: pharmaceutical, petrochemical, liquid natural gas, and other facilities
  • Marine and Maritime.
  • Perfect for walk-in coolers, tanks, vessels
  • Will not absorb odors

EPS insulation products have been tested and found to meet the requirements of the specifications listed below. A Dyplast Products representative can provide you the assistance in determining the suitability of these and any unlisted specifications.

  • ASTM C578-10 ASTM D6817: GeoFoam re: EPS 22 and EPS 29
  • FM 4450 Miami-Dade County, Florida Product Control No.07-1107.08
  • Miami-Date Product Control NOA NO. 20-1230.12
  • UL Report BRYX.R12579
  • ICC-ES Evaluation Report No. 205

Concerned about the environment? So is Dyplast Products! That's why all our products are manufactured in a CFC/HCFC-free environment. EPS rigid foam insulation is an inert, organic material produced from petroleum and natural gas by-products. ?is product does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) or hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC's). It provides no nutritive value to plants, animals or micro-organisms. It will not rot, is highly resistant to mildew, and is recyclable.