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EPS Insulation

EPS Insulated panels

Dyplast Products produces EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation for structural insulated panels with steel, aluminum, or FRP laminates - - or in unfaced flat insulated panels, sheets, board insulation. EPS insulation panels, including structural insulated panels, are readily fabricated to meet specific design and dimensional requirements. Further, because of its light weight and durability it is easily stored, handled, and installed on the job site. It can also be readily cut to shape in the field to ensure tight joints, thus eliminating heat loss.

EPS insulation is suitable for a host of residential and commercial applications including:

Cold storage insulation
  • Refrigeration insulation
  • Insulation for Freezers
  • Walk-in Cooler Insulation
  • Warehouse Insulation
  • Rail and truck transportation insulation
Building construction
  • Cavity wall and drywall base insulation
  • Exterior and interior foundation wall insulation
  • Insulated Roofing
  • Sub slab and perimeter insulation

EPS insulated panels typically costs less than other rigid foam insulations when compared on the basis of R-value. When evaluating the cost efficiency of rigid insulations, compare the price of equal lengths and widths for the cost of the R-value per inch of thickness.

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