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Dyplast Supports STEM Initiatives

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Dyplast Products is primarily recognized for its customer relationships, diligence, and quality control in the mechanical insulation and composite core industries. While our customers and products are extremely important to us, we also feel it is important to invest in STEM education - particularly related to the advanced manufacturing industries.


Dyplast Releases a One-Page Qwik Guide for ISO-HT Installation

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ISO-HT is, of course, Dyplast’s polyisocyanurate mechanical insulation for higher temperature pipe and equipment applications - - for temperatures from -297°F to 350°F (-183°C to 177°C), and up to 375°F (190°C) intermittent. While Dyplast’s detailed, multi-page Installation Guide is aimed at installers and contractors, we are now releasing this one-page Qwik Guide on installation that may be helpful to owners and engineer/specifiers who need the basic do’s/don’ts. For instance, an abbreviated excerpt follows:


Hurricane Dorian Update

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Dyplast is thankful that Hurricane Dorian turned North before hitting Miami; neither our employees, operations, nor inventories have been affected. Our thoughts are now with our clients and friends in The Bahamas - - and then potentially points North! Dyplast stands ready to assist our clients and friends as soon as water and air traffic is again restored.


Secretary of Commerce Visits Dyplast

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United States Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross visited Dyplast last Thursday bringing together 9 South Florida manufacturers, the South Florida Manufacturer’s Association (SFMA) and FloridaMakes to discuss ways in which apprenticeship programs and on-the-job training can be designed to be more skill-focused, and provide hire-ready individuals with relevant skills needed to be gainfully employed in the manufacturing industry.  South Florida is home to approximately 19,000 Florida manufacturers that are thriving in this economy despite the lack of workforce talent available that can read a ruler or possess the language or soft skills needed to fill jobs. 


Robotics during Spring Break? Yes!

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As some background, Dyplast sponsors the Robotics Program at the Rockway Middle School in Miami - - part of our larger general program to support STEM in schools. Our philosophy, as espoused by many others, is that Elementary and Middle Schools can be the primary formative influence in a young student's life. The best way to instill a lifelong interest in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is to provide a fun, engaging, and hands-on opportunity to explore and experience it for themselves. By its nature, the study of robotics inherently incorporates all four pillars of STEM - - and it’s “cool”.


Dyplast Products Receives 7th Consecutive Distinguished Safety Award

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The National Insulation Association (NIA) announced Dyplast Products as the recipient of its 2018 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Platinum Safety Award at its 64th Annual Convention in Nassau, Bahamas.


Dyplast Launches New Datasheet and Qwik Guide for Holey-Board

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Dyplast Products has released its new Datasheet and Qwik Guide for Dyplast Holey-Board, its Expanded Polystyrene product for Lightweight Insulated Concrete (LWIC) roofing.

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