The need for cold storage solutions is increasing dramatically, according to a recent report by Joanna Turpin of ACHR News. This is an opportune time for refrigeration contractors, as demand has skyrocketed since the pandemic began, and reports show that the market will more than double its 2019 value by 2027.

Regulatory Changes

Turpin reports that as regulatory bodies continue to update their guidelines on appropriate refrigerants, cold storage facilities will have to begin making changes. The adoption of CO2 over hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants is happening at a time where commercial-grade refrigeration equipment is nearing its end-of-life and will soon need replacing. In addition, demand for refrigeration solutions is increasing with the increased demand for foods that are fresh and ready-to-serve year-round. The modern consumer expects a wider variety of foods to be available regardless of their natural growing or production season, and retailers are building up their cold chains to ensure they can deliver the products consumers want. The growth is taking the form not only of new construction, but also in retrofitting to improve the efficiency of the existing facilities clients are using to cool and store cold product.

Kingspan Insulation manufactures ISO-C1® polyisocyanurate, which is profiled for use in refrigeration system pipe insulation. ISO-C1® is a rigid foam insulation and can be fabricated to fit pipe or other mechanical components of virtually any shape or size. It supports insulation of products cooled to -297F or heated to 300F and is suited for commercial and industrial insulation applications.

Understanding Customization

In redesigning, updating, or creating brand new cold storage facilities, a great deal of time and effort will go into identifying specific needs for a business. Each cold storage facility is different based on its workflows, products, and cooling requirements, and as such facility designs are highly customized to fit each client's needs. As Turpin reports, companies will be looking for the most efficient option with the highest performance possible.

In addition to ISO-C1®, Kingspan Insulation also offers ISO-CF, EPS, XPS, and vacuum insulated panels (VIP). These products can be laminated to a variety of materials and used in wall, roof, and door applications in cold storage facilities as well as for equipment insulation purposes. Kingspan Insulation provides a wide variety of installation guides, technical bulletins, and data sheets to assist in the planning and creation of an insulation solution for cold storage facilities.

Meeting Client Needs

Kingspan Insulation's wide range of industrial refrigeration insulation products makes it simple to develop a product tailored to each client's individual insulation needs. Kingspan manufactures our insulation products in the US and isn't reliant on import material. As Turpin reports, depending on the nature of the business, complexity can vary not only on the needs of the business, but also the experience level of the plant manager, and many other factors. It will be important, as changes continue to be made in the industry, to be able to flex with differing needs and use-cases for refrigeration technology. The disruptions in supply that many organizations felt due to the pandemic, as well as the increased need for refrigeration, will continue to serve as a catalyst for growth for the next few years.

You can read the full report on ACHR News. Click here to view the article.