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Insulation & Composite Foam Cores

Dyplast Announces Additional ISO-C1® and ISO-CF® Fabrication Capabilities


Dyplast Products manufactures high-quality rigid polyisocyanurate insulation bunstock for mechanical insulation, sheet, and foam cores offering many superior properties.

Dyplast manufactures ISO-C1®, and ISO-CF® bunstock on a continuous production process yielding 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 6.0 lb/ft3 densities. Today Dyplast announces that we have installed a SmartShop® CNC router to execute preformed routed cuts on our polyisocyanurate sheet and foam core family of products. Dyplast has extensive sheet fabrication capacity, and now has the capability to produce preformed routed cuts for prototypes and production pieces to respond to increasingly complex customer requirements. Our experienced staff can fabricate the large bunstock into sheets and shapes utilizing computer-aided-design (CAD). 

Dyplast's production capacities allow us to meet market demands for large or small volume projects.

Dyplast invites you to discuss your projects and needs. Please contact Dyplast's Sr. Account Managers at (800) 433-5551 or e-mail us at info@dyplast.com or via our web-sites.

"Leading Edge Technology for Insulation & Foam Cores"


Please visit Dyplast's web-sites www.dyplast.com and www.dyplastcomposites.com

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