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Dyplast Products, LLC  www.dyplast.com  has launched a new polyisocyanurate ISO-CF® Foam Core and sheet web-site  www.dyplastcomposites.com. The web-site has a clean design with stream lined navigation and readability. It can be viewed on desktops, laptops, as well as being mobile friendly.

The web-site includes technical information on Dyplast polyisocyanurate core and sheet foams: ISO-CF®, ISO-HT CF®, and the Dyplast® EPS family of products.  The Foam Cores includes all our technical data, Technical Bulletins, Qwik Guides, and application information.

Dyplast has the fabrication capabilities including CAD to produce sheets or other custom shaped core pieces that can be used in process temperatures up to 350 °F (177 °C). The core foams have an application range from -297°F to 350 °F (-187.8 °C to 176.7 °C).

The web-site features a link to our newly designed Dyplast Products, LLC website with specific information about our low temperature polyisocyanurate insulation for mechanical pipe insulation and other applications.  The Dyplast Products web-site also includes information on our Dyplast EPS family of products.

Dyplast invite you the fabricator, engineer, composite designer, and OEM end user to study the new Dyplast web-site to increase your knowledge of Dyplast’s foam cores. 

The new Foam Cores web-site will be formally launched at the CAMX 2017 in Orlando Florida on Tuesday December 12, 2017. Visit Dyplast personnel at Booth A44 for more information and technical discussion of your core needs.

Please visit Dyplast's web-site www.dyplast.com
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Dyplast Products Redesigned Web-Site v.1

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