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Dyplast Helps Create Portable Produce Pod with Huntsman Corp and Kroger

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“Dyplast participated with Huntsman Corporation, Kroger, and others to create a “Portable Produce Pod” - - much like a big, mobile walk-in cooler for the Montgomery County Food Bank (MCFB) in Texas.
produce pod 1
MCFB collects and distributes food to partner agency food pantries, and aims to have fresh produce make up at least 50% of its total distribution. However, most of their receiving food pantries do not have sufficient refrigerated space to hold and re-distribute perishable products. Hence the need for a refrigerated Pod.

The whole process of designing the Pod and finding manufacturers and suppliers took less than a year. Dyplast is proud to have been able to offer its ISO-CF polyisocyanurate (a modified polyurethane) insulation with the requisite thermal resistance, strength, and other advantageous properties.

To view more detail, click here (Montgomery County Food Bank Press Release). Dyplast views this a just one more example of how technologies can merge to create better products to benefit society-at-large!”
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