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Kingspan Continues to Aggressively Support Dyplast ISO-HT®

A few parties have recently asked about the availability of ISO-HT® polyisocyanurate for use in higher-temperature applications up to 350°F (375°F intermittent). The short answer is Kingspan is continuing to manufacture and aggressively market ISO-HT® as one of our important premier product lines. 

ISO-HT® is an important component in many low-pressure steam and/or low-temperature chemical applications where an end-user can achieve the improved thermal performance of polyiso in a temperature range where the alternatives may be less effective (cellular glass, fiberglass, calcium silicate, or mineral wool). 

We speculate that the inquiries were the result of confusion in recent industry accounts that another company, with a similarly named product, may have discontinued that product.

In summary, all Kingspan-Miami Dyplast ISO and EPS products continue to be available, with more products to come. For more information, please call Kingspan-Miami or your Account Manager. 

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