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Dyplast Products raising Hurricane Funds to aid our customers in Puerto Rico and their families


Dyplast’s employees and our business were spared damage from hurricane IRMA. Our customers in Puerto Rico experienced hurricane Irma and as we are writing this today, the full fury of hurricane Maria. The current situation is that the emergency agencies are stating that the islands will be without electricity and more importantly water for weeks.

We at Dyplast have taken the initiative to help our customers’ and their families by shipping water, generators, and other essential items to help them through the aftermath of these storms. We believe we will be helping over 200 families through our efforts.

If you would like to join us in our very personal effort, we welcome any assistance, please contact Yamilet Ramirezyramirez@dyplastproducts.com Vincent Fuster vfuster@dyplast.com or any Dyplast associate.

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