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Dyplast publishes Ted TALK #2: “Honest Talk”


Ted TALK #2: “Honest Talk”

Okay, yes, a rather direct statement - - yet more-so a promise from Dyplast to customers and others in the industry. You’re receiving this message either because we’ve either worked together in the past, may work together in the future, or you have somehow followed us. In my first Ted TALK I jumped into the fray with the “Mechanical Insulation Value Chain” blog assuming you knew me and understood the context. The responses were positive but I wanted to step back and explain where I was coming from. 

Dyplast is entrenched in Mechanical (pipe/equipment) Insulation and Panel Insulation, indeed mostly for temperatures less than ambient, yet we’re also innovative in Composite and Core Foams. Within those product/market contexts, you can expect to hear honest comments about issues and trends that affect us.  To the extent that you disagree with me, I welcome your input. In this highly technical and complex industry, I have heard that you feel many suppliers misrepresent or do-not-disclose the real story which is why I will be offering you my honest opinion to help inform you.

In my next Ted TALK I’ll get back to meat-and-potatoes issues.

Approaching the Holiday season, everyone at Dyplast extends to you our best wishes!
Ted Berglund
Dyplast Products
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