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Dyplast publishes Ted TALK #3: “Due Diligence!”


Ted TALK #3: “Due Diligence!”

Dyplast’s ongoing survey of below-ambient insulation applications indicates that over 65% of projects fail to exercise reasonable due diligence that would have otherwise resulted in lower capital costs while achieving higher thermal efficiencies.

I’ve spoken on this before, particularly at Conferences, on Panels, and within Industry Magazines. Due diligence expresses the care that a reasonable person exercises to research, analyze, and prepare for a transaction, process, or strategy. 

My many esteemed colleagues will echo my personal astonishment regarding how many insulants are selected without the supplier even demonstrating compliance with applicable Codes and Standards such as ASTM, CINI, etc. - - measured by an independent third party - - not by an in-house lab, and not a product formulation different from the product delivered. And since insulants are meant to insulate over the long term, due diligence is also intended to ensure the life-cycle balance of cost versus performance is achieved.

It is increasingly incumbent on engineers, specifiers, asset owners, and stakeholders to be diligent regarding the facts, the relevance of the facts, and full disclosure of facts. A life-cycle costing of the insulation system is also warranted in the majority of applications.
Ted Berglund
Dyplast Products
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