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Dyplast Releases a One-Page Qwik Guide for ISO-HT Installation

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ISO-HT is, of course, Dyplast’s polyisocyanurate mechanical insulation for higher temperature pipe and equipment applications - - for temperatures from -297°F to 350°F (-183°C to 177°C), and up to 375°F (190°C) intermittent. While Dyplast’s detailed, multi-page Installation Guide is aimed at installers and contractors, we are now releasing this one-page Qwik Guide on installation that may be helpful to owners and engineer/specifiers who need the basic do’s/don’ts. For instance, an abbreviated excerpt follows:

  • Never install insulant to a hot pipe
  • Pipe should be clean and dry
  • Temporarily secure insulant segments with tape
  • Joints/seams should be butted and offset
  • Outermost joints/seams should be buttered with sealant
  • A zero-perm vapor barrier is highly recommended in most cases
  • A qualified engineer should design expansion joints and vapor stops.

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