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Dyplast Products is primarily recognized for its customer relationships, diligence, and quality control in the mechanical insulation and composite core industries. While our customers and products are extremely important to us, we also feel it is important to invest in STEM education - particularly related to the advanced manufacturing industries.

We have multiple corporate and employee initiatives that focus on regional high schools and universities as we’ve built ongoing relationships with students in such areas as: 

  • RoboticsRockBots
    • Dyplast donated a competition field and competition elements to the robotics programs at local high schools which allowed the teams to have multiple practice, programming, and skill development activities in preparation for this year’s competition cycle.
    • An award to the students was presented during a summer robotics presentation at Dyplast.
    • Building and programming skills were demonstrated to middle and high school students during the summer session.
    • Dyplast also utilized these connections with schools to advocate for the manufacturing community and the jobs they offer.
    • Dyplast partnered with the South Florida Manufacturing Association (SFMA) to leverage a multi-thousand-dollar grant from SFMA and a few of its members to support high school and middle school robotics.
  • Solar-powered cars
    • solar powered carDyplast worked with the University of Minnesota, donating ISO-C1 polyiso blocks milled and polished to the sleek shape of the car, and then used the polyiso blocks as the rigid shape to the mold for a solar-powered car. This car, named Daedalus, competed in Australia's World Solar Challenge, an international solar-powered car race beginning in the northern city of Darwin and racing 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) across the Australian Outback through the center of Australia. 
  • Apprenticeship programs that support STEM initiatives
    • Dyplast hosted the U.S. Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, and his staff to address apprenticeship programs and how on-the-job training can be designed to be more skill-focused, and provide hire-ready individuals with relevant skills 
    • To further knowledge of the southeast manufacturing community, Dyplast focuses on developing knowledge, soft skills, and general knowledge in manufacturing while also promoting manufacturing jobs.
  • Manufacturing Education (More information coming soon in a subsequent blog)Wilbur Ross
    • Dyplast is currently working with Miami-Dade College, the SFMA, and its members to develop a formal curriculum in Manufacturing Education.
    • This proposed certificate program will educate individuals who are unable to attend college in the industry essentials required in all manufacturing jobs.
We take pride in being directly involved with these initiatives. We would like to thank our employees and partners who dedicate time and effort to these worthy causes.

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