Kingspan is very proud to have one of its long-term employees at Dyplast-Miami, Robert Sanchinel, nominated for "Employee of the Year" within the South Florida Manufacturers Association (SFMA). SFMA President, Matt Rocco, has stated that good manufacturing employees are VERY hard to find and even harder to keep. That's why SFMA solicits applications from its more than 2,000 members to present a rigorous presentation of why a candidate is worthy of the nomination. 

Such a nomination not only inspires employers who are striving to compete for employees but also inspires employees to achieve what Robert has achieved. 

Robert was nominated in the category of Production Support, which required a detailed explanation of his role(s) in and contribution(s) to the manufacturing process, how Robert went beyond the call of duty in 2020, an elaboration of his top accomplishments, and why Kingspan was highly motivated to offer Mr. Sanchinel as a nominee for Employee of the Year. 

Robert (or Roberto as his friends call him) has been with Dyplast for 29 years, beginning his career on the shop floor as a technician. In that role, he became intimately familiar with the manufacturing processes, which in this case involved complex chemical and quality protocols to produce polyisocyanurate and polystyrene products (mostly for insulation). Additionally, Robert gained comprehensive experience in logistics regarding product and waste material handling and environmentally protocolled disposal. This included cutting the continuously processed 'bunstock,' forklifting to storage for the curing process, forklifting to further fabrication after curing, then packaging and shipping that optimized the space within each trailer. 

Robert was subsequently promoted to apply his skills to Computer-Aided Design (CAD), where he made advancements in designing special applications while leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of the equipment on the manufacturing floor. 

His interfaces with clients regarding their specifications revealed he had an innate sense for marketing and sales. Thus, he was promoted into a sales role - - understanding the caveat that everyone at Kingspan-Dyplast Miami multi-tasks. Robert still maintained his direct communications, understanding, and hands-on contribution to the manufacturing and shipping processes. 

Robert has since established long-lasting relationships with customers and prospects in South Florida, not only in specialty products such as special shapes for architectural applications, but also for polystyrene roofing (Holey-Board), GeoFoam technical fill as an alternative to soil/rock/concrete, concrete forms, and packaging. 


SFMA has held the distinction of being the #1 resource for manufacturers in South Florida since 1961. To keep the focus on manufacturing, the SFMA strives to keep 70% of its membership manufacturing companies – saving its members time and money through advocacy, networking, and resources. 


Kingspan Insulation LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a leading manufacturer offering high-performance insulation, building wraps, and pre-insulated HVAC ductwork. Having recently acquired Dyplast Products, the reach of Kingspan North America (KINA) has now leveraged global capabilities in mechanical/industrial/pipe insulation, including cold-insulation piping such as LNG, as well as refrigeration walls, roofing, geotechnical, and packaging applications.