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Announcing: CINI 2014 Results and Reader Action



26 May 2015: Dyplast Products, LLC's ISO-C1® 2.5 fully complies with CINI 2014 (Committee INdustrial Insulation) in all aspects (material, mechanical, and chemical properties, and combustibility) achieving or exceeding properties for LNG and cryogenic applications.

Dyplast Products, LLC used certified independent laboratories to complete all the testing of CINI 2014 (Committee INdustrial Insulation) for the ISO-C1 2.5, polyisocyanurate rigid insulation foam use in LNG and cryogenic applications. We are pleased to announce that Dyplast meets or exceeds all material, mechanical, and chemical properties, and combustibility testing.


The ISO-C1 2.5 (2.5 pcf) passed all tests and exceeded:

  • Apparent thermal conductivity/ mean temperature of measurements
  • Compressive strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Modulus strength
  • Cryogenic Thermal Stress Resistance (CTSR) factor value of 5.8 (versus a minimum of 1.5).


The ISO-C1 2.5 is manufactured in Miami, FL and is distributed internationally.

The ISO-C1 2.5 also meets or exceed the ASTM C591-13 specifications.


Please contact Dyplast personnel or visit our web-site www.dyplast.com for complete information.