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Dyplast Staff participates as Examiners for the 2019 Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence (SMBE) Statewide Award.

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As you may recall, Dyplast received the 2018 Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence award presented by The Florida Sterling Council in collaboration withFloridaMakes after undergoing a thorough examination.
The examiner’s teams are comprised of trained examiners and industry-knowledgeable representatives who contribute their time, expertise, and diverse perspectives through a comprehensive process:

• To recognize high-performing Florida manufacturing companies.

• To offer an avenue for networking and sharing of best practices.

• To provide feedback and opportunities for improvement to encourage and

develop high performance in participant companies.

For the 2019 SMBE Awards 110 nominations have been received and are being evaluated. The winners will be announced in May 31st at the 27th Annual Governor’s Sterling Award Banquet dinner in Orlando, Florida.

Dyplast is eligible to reapply for the SMBE in 2022. Until we are again eligible for the award, our staff is “giving back” by having Yamilet Ramirez, Dyplast’s Vice President of Human Resources and Administration participate on the 2019 SMBE Examination Team. Dyplast is proud of Yamilet’s volunteer efforts.