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Dyplast Releases Logical Thinking Qwik Guide

This one-page Qwik Guide contains a sampling of the conclusions from the past three Technical Bulletins from Dyplast that explored Logical Thinking regarding the performance of thermal insulants at very low and cryogenic temperatures. The topics are complex, and we encourage you to read each of the three Technical Bulletins to better understand the multifaceted discussions and caveats that may better inform decision-makers. 

We posed and answered many questions, a small sampling of which follow: 

  • Can ASTM test results measured at 75°F accurately predict performance at -265°F?
  • To what extent are physical properties sometimes withheld or obtuse caveats applied?
  • How do you compare physical properties when ASTM test protocols allow certain insulants to have factory-installed vapor barriers, and others not?
  • How do you compare Water Absorption properties when some are measured for a few hours, and some for 96 hours? What is Water Sorption versus Water Absorption? When does water penetrating from the outside (if any) freeze, and thus stop being absorbed?
  • To what extent are ASTM standards equivalent to EN, DIN, or other standards?
  • Should a buyer ask whether the physical properties were measured by an independent third-party?
  • Must a decision-maker ask whether the product delivered is the same as the product tested? 

While there is not a simple answer to all questions, this series of three Technical Bulletins were designed to enlighten decision-makers so that more questions can be asked and hopefully answered. The Technical Bulletins also contain just a couple of quizzes (e.g. Thermal Gradients, and Water Vapor Transmission) that you may want to take to whet your appetite. 

Product formulations and standards are evolving quickly, so due diligence is increasingly required to ensure adequately informed decision-making. Review this series of Technical Bulletins to engage in the subject material. 

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