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Dyplast's Role in the Lot 11 Skatepark in Miami

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Dyplast was very pleased to participate in the recently completed Lot 11 Skate Park in Miami. This skatepark was made by converting an old parking lot beneath the I-95 corridor into 45,000 square feet of a vibrant and free place for skateboarders, skaters, and non-motor scooters to practice their tricks.

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Skatepark construction requires very specific material types, sizes, and placement tolerances to achieve the optimum skating experience. Dyplast provided 192 thousand board feet (150 large blocks) of expanded polystyrene (EPS) to create durable and eco-friendly structural components beneath the skatepark. The EPS blocks were shaped and then surfaced with the optimal cementitious and/or synthetic coatings into ramps, flats, a bowl, halfpipes, quarter pipes, transition sections, "vert" skateboarding features, as well as "street" obstacles such as stairs and rails. To make sure there is something for everyone, there is also a flexible beginners’ area.

There has long been a skateboard scene in Miami as skaters from all over travel to skate the city's unique blend of architecture and tropical landscapes. However, for as long as the skateboard scene has been present in Miami, there has been – “nothing downtown!”

Nick Katz, the man who conceived of this project a decade ago, says "I grew up with no skate parks. There was nowhere centrally located or accessible for the Miami skate population. The only places to go were the street or privately owned skate parks.” That changed with the grand opening of Lot 11 Skatepark, downtown Miami’s first state-of-the-art skatepark, just two blocks from the Government Center Metrorail station. As the Lot 11 Skatepark started to become a reality, Katz also noted that “By prequalifying contractors, you get the peace of mind knowing that the builder of your skatepark is experienced and motivated to make your skatepark project a success.”

There were many, many collaborators in this project. At its infancy, Katz had the support of restaurateur, Richie Effs, and professional skateboarder, Danny Fuenzalida, who shared his passion for championing the sport in the city. Other collaborators include:

Dyplast is proud of being a small part of the Lot 11 Skate Park project, and we must thank the American Ramp Company and MEP Construction for selecting and working with Dyplast.

Roberto Sanchinel, Dyplast’s Project Manager for the Skate Park, is himself a Miamian who enjoyed putting locally-made Dyplast EPS into a local project that could last decades: “Every time I drive by the park, I am reminded of the joy it can bring to many in the Downtown community.”

We’re proud to be a part of the Miami community that has the vision and ability to create value for the residents of our City.

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