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Re-Launch: Dyplast CEO pens "Open Letter to the Mechanical Insulation Industry"

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Dyplast sent out a media announcement yesterday and a minor “units error” in our attachment was identified by our friends. Dyplast herein restates its message (now with an updated attachment)  that Recently Dyplast was made aware of several marketing documents from Pittsburgh Corning comparing FOAMGLAS® to PIR/PUR systems. These include "Truth in Performance", "Polyisocyanurate Foam versus FOAMGLAS Insulation", and "FOAMGLAS Response to Dyplast Customer Bulletin dated 6/2010". These marketing pieces are misleading and contain numerous false statements. While Dyplast will not waste your time going through every misrepresentation, this letter will address key areas in order to let you decide if there is any reason to give credit to the Pittsburgh Corning claims. Additionally, Dyplast will outline key facts about Dyplast ISO-C1® products because real data and actual infield performance are a better basis to evaluate products.

Open Letter to the Mechanical Insulation Industry.PDF

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