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Most of you know Dyplast® manufactures Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products to serve the Southeast U.S., with the most vibrant markets in Florida - - where our factory and business operations are centered. Dyplast manufactures EPS blocks using a molding process to achieve densities of 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, and 2.0 lb/ft3. Our production capacities allow us to meet market demands for large or small volume projects. This Qwik Guide simply offers a one-page summary of those products with short descriptions.

EPS Insulation: Sheet insulation for structural lightweight insulated panels.

Holey Board: Thick rectangular sheets, typically with 8 holes per board, are engineered for lightweight insulated concrete (LWIC) roofing applications.

GeoFoam: Large EPS rigid foam block, typically used as a light-weight/high-strength structural replacement for soil or other fill in geo-technical projects.

Packaging: Customizes sheets or fabricated shapes to tightly fit as inserts into packaging applications.

Architectural Shapes: A cost-effective alternative to wood, plastic, and concrete architectural decorative beams, columns, arches, balusters, moldings, etc.

Composite Foam Cores: EPS foam cores come in various configurations and densities, including unfaced flat sheets, tapered panels, routed edges, and/or virtually any other custom shape.

Concrete Forms: Commercial and sometimes residential construction require forms over or within which concrete can be poured to achieve the desired shape without building a time-consuming wooden arch, opening, penetration, fill, or complex pond shape. 

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