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Technical Bulletin 1215 Comparisons Between Aerogel and Polyiso in Low Temperature Mechanical Insulation




Dyplast's latest Technical Bulletin 1215 offers a comparison between Aerogel and Polyiso in low temperature mechanical insulation. The purpose of this Technical Bulletin is two-fold: 1) to examine aerogel insulation (specifically Aspen Aerogels® Cryogel®Z) in some detail, and 2) to compare Cryogel Z with polyisocyanurate insulation (specifically Dyplast's ISO-C1®/2.5).

So! Is Cryogel Z a revolutionary insulant that will eventually dominate "cold" mechanical insulation applications? Or at the other extreme does Cryogel Z have fatal flaws? If the product is still evolving, is it ready for prime-time? The viewpoints of self-described "informed" stakeholders continue to be radically different; and internet research uncovers conflicting opinions regarding performance.  This Technical Bulletin may sway opinions one way or the other, yet at a minimum it is intended to assist stakeholders as they select the optimal insulant, and engineers as they design the optimal insulation system


 Technical Bulletin 1215

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