EPS Compliance and Approvals

Dyplast EPS Compliances and Codes

Expanded Polystyrene

EPS insulation products have been tested and found to meet the requirements of the specifications listed below. A Dyplast representative can provide you the assistance in determining the suitability of these and any unlisted specifications.

ASTM Compliance:

ASTM C578-10, ASTM D6817* (table below): GeoFoam re: EPS 22 and EPS 29

Factory Mutual Compliance:
FM 4450 (Class 1 Insulated Steel Deck Roofs); Miami-Dade County NOA No16-1129.05

Underwriters Laboratories
UL Report BRYX.R4812 (ASTM C578)

UL Evaluation Report No. 12579-01

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

ICC-ES Evaluation Report No. 2052

Miami-Dade County Florida
Florida Product Control No. N.O.A. 07-1107.08