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ISO-C1 Polyiso insulation is manufactured as large bunstock which can be then cut into sheets of variable widths, thickness, and length. For instance, ISO-C1 (2 lb/ft3 density) can be as wide as 52 inches (132 cm) with lengths to 24 feet (7.3 m), and customized longer lengths may be possible. Our fabrication shop is capable of cutting sheet stock to any thickness, as thin as 0.125" (0.32 cm) thick, with +/- 0.03125" (0.078 cm) tolerances, making our cut sheet products ideal for demanding applications.

Unlike foil-lined panels manufactured in a high-speed, constrained rise process for roofing and building wall application (typically 2-4 inches thick), ISO-C1 sheets are typically utilized as the insulating core of Insulated Metal Panels used in refrigeration, temperature controlled warehouses, or transportation containers. ISO-C1 sheets are also ideal as structural as well as thermal components within Architectural Insulated Panels used in commercial buildings (view a Case Study). Or Dyplast ISO-C1 sheets can become part of a Composite Panel [hyperlink to www.dyplastcomposites.com].

polyiso-insulated-metal-panelsISO-C1 has superior insulating efficiencies and is the insulations of choice in the majority of applications where energy efficiency, space, and weight are of prime importance. ISO-C1's dimensional stability, strength, low friability, and moisture resistance ensure it is easy to handle during fabrication and will continue to provide insulation efficiency throughout the life of the refrigeration system

Cold Storage Insulation Thickness (ISO-C1)
Coolers 54 to 48 1.2
  47 to 41 1.7
  40 to 34 1.7
  33 to 27 2.2
Freezers (Holding) 26 to 20 2.7
  19 to 13 2.7
  12 to 6 3.2
  5 to -1 3.7
  -2 to -13 3.7
Sharp Freezers -14 to -25 4.1
  -26 to -37 5.1
  -38 to -49 6.1
  -50 to -61 7.1