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Refrigeration Insulation Panels (polyiso and EPS)

This page covers Panel Insulation for commercial refrigeration, coolers, freezers, and so forth. Click here for pipe insulation applications.

polyiso-pipe-chunksDyplast Products is a preeminent manufacturer of insulated panels for insulating walls, floors, and ceilings for commercial refrigeration, freezer, cooler, and transportation industries. We have decades of experience with clients who manufacture large refrigeration units and warehouses, and our rigid foam insulation products are ideal for refrigerated transportation, including containers and railcars.

Our polyisocyanurate insulation, ISO-C1, has high insulating efficiencies and is the insulation of choice in the majority of applications where energy efficiency, space, and weight are of prime importance. ISO-C1's dimensional stability, strength, low friability, and moisture resistance ensure it is easy to handle during fabrication and will continue to provide insulation efficiency throughout the life of the refrigeration system.

A key advantage of Dyplast Product's ISO-C1 is our ability to produce large polyiso buns in custom width, height, and length. This can reduce waste when cutting to specific dimension, and the ability to cut large pieces can reduce installation costs while minimizing energy-losing seams in the installed insulating system. ISO-C1 is available in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 6 lb/ft3 densities.

Dyplast Products' alternative insulation is our high-quality expanded polystyrene foam. While having a lower R-factor than ISO-C1, our EPS insulation has excellent physical properties and is a lower cost option when refrigeration specifications are less demanding.