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DyPerm® Wrap: Vapor Barrier Sheeting

DyPerm® Wrap zero-perm vapor retarder sheeting (a barrier) is a three-plywrap vapor barrier laminate vapor barrier constructed of a 1 mil aluminum foil with 0.5 mil polyester film on both sides. DyPerm Vapor Barrier Wrap is recommended in chilled water and cryogenic pipe insulation and other mechanical insulation applications as part of Dyplast's insulation system using the ISO-C1 family of insulation. DyPerm Wrap has a zero perm water vapor transmission per ASTM E96 (making it better than a vapor retarder), and has excellent handling and puncture resistance characteristics. 

Technical Data
    Imperial Metric
Substrate Thickness   2.4 mils (0.0024") 0.0610 mm
  Polyester layer 0.5 mil (0.0005") 12 microns
  Aluminum layer 1.0 mil (0.0010") 26 microns
Basis weight   69 lbs/ream 113 gsm
Tensile (ASTM C1136)      
  Machine direction 12500 psi 86 MPa
  Cross direction 12500 psi 86 MPa
Elongation (ASTM 0882-02)      
  Machine direction 49% 49%
  Cross direction 49% 49%
Puncture (ASTM D1000)   16.7 lbs 75.7 N
WVTR (ASTM E96 Proc. A)   0.00 perm 0 ng/N-s
Flame/Smoke Testing (ASTM E-84)   Flame Spread 10 Smoke Developed 20
Emittance   0.57 0.57
Temperature Resistance   -40° F to 240° F -40° C to 116° C